‘The Sound of Magic’ Unveils Fairytale-Like Still Photos of Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung Eun, and Hwang In Youp

Netflix KDramaThe Sound of Magic
Netflix KDramaThe Sound of Magic
Credit: Netflix

Netflix dropped the new still photos of The Sound of Magic full of magic and wonder.The Sound of Magic is a fantasy music drama that tells the story of what happens when a girl, who lost her dream, and a boy, who is forced to have a dream he doesn’t want, meet a mysterious magician. The released stills show a glimpse into the main three characters.

First, Ji Chang Wook plays magician Ri Eul. He’s a mysterious man who lives with a parrot named “Minyeo (meaning beauty)” in an abandoned amusement park, raising all kinds of rumors and curiosity. Asking “Do you believe in magic?” Ri Eul is an adult who wishes to stay as a child forever. Ji Chang Wook shared, “The standard of good and evil are meaningless to Ri Eul. Without questioning any cause or reason, he frankly expresses all his emotions.”

Netflix KDramaThe Sound of Magic
Credit: Netflix

Joining him in the cast are two rookie actors, Choi Sung Eun and Hwang In Youp. First, Choi Sung Eun takes on the role of Yoon Ai, a child who has lost her dream. She once was an innocent child who believed in magic. But when her father disappears after his business fails and she’s left alone with her younger brother, she loses her dream. But after meeting Ri Eul, she slowly regains her smile and innocence. The actress commented, “It was important for the viewers to empathize with Ai and to empathize with the emotions she’s going through. Like how I found myself within Ai, I hope viewers feel the same way.”

Netflix KDramaThe Sound of Magic
Credit: Netflix

Hwang In Youp plays Na Il Deung, who is forced to have a dream he doesn’t want. When Ai becomes his deskmate, he starts to ponder over why he’s studying so hard and what he really wants. The actor described his character as “someone who doesn’t even know what he likes” He added, “But at the same time, he likes to bluff and is quite whimsical.”

Meanwhile, The Sound of Magic confirmed its release on May 6th.

Source: Netflix

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