A First Look at New Horror Movie ‘Urban Myths: Tooth Worms’ Starring Kim Do Yoon, Lee Yul Eum, Shownu, AleXa, Arin, Lee Howon and More

2022 K horror movie Urban Myths
2022 K horror movie Urban Myths
Credit: Megabox Plus M

The upcoming horror movie Urban Myths: Tooth Worms dropped 20 still photos of its cast.

Director Hong Won Ki’s Urban Myths: Tooth Worms tells bizarre stories that offer more horror than death, which started from revenge, desire, and curse. From a tunnel and red clothes to mannequins and an escape room, the first batch of photos gives an eerie sensation of horror of the materials that we encounter in everyday life. But at the same time, some of them give off a rom-com slash youth drama vibe, raising expectations.

2022 K horror movie Urban Myths
Credit: Megabox Plus M

Kim Do Yoon is stopped by the police while driving alone in the dark. Lee Yul Eum gives off a chilling vibe in a parking lot, while Lee Howon is checking someone’s teeth. Arin and Lee Soo Min are taking a photo together, and Exy and Jung Won Chang run into each other in an elevator.

Additionally, Lee Young Jin and Lee Minhyuk are in a room as interviewer and interviewee. In another still, Ju Haknyeon, AleXa, and Bong Jae Hyun are solving a quiz in an escape room. Lastly, the photo of Shownu, who’s now serving his military duty, adds to the excitement.

2022 K horror movie Urban Myths
Credit: Megabox Plus M

Meanwhile, director Hong Won Ki, who directed more than 1500 commercials and MVs including BTS and Refund Sisters, will showcase a new paradigm of K-Horror with the movie.

Source: Megabox Plus M

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