Don Lee’s New Movie’ The Roundup’ Confirms May Release

Ma Dong Seok movie The Outlaw 2
Ma Dong Seok movie The Outlaw 2
Credit: ABOentertainment

Don Lee is coming back with the sequel of The Outlaw, The Roundup.

On Monday, ABOentertainment dropped the first teaser posters of its upcoming movie The Roundup.

The two released posters show the overwhelming presence of monster detective Ma Seok Do (Don Lee, aka Ma Dong Seok) and his team. In particular, the phrase “The monster detective is back” officially announces the comeback of Ma Seok Do, who relentlessly beat up criminals.

Ma Dong Seok movie The Outlaw 2
Credit: ABOentertainment

Also, in the poster with the photo that seems to capture them at the scene, the phrase “Wipe out the bad guys” raises expectations. The even upgraded teamwork of the Geumcheon-seo team adds to the curiosity.

As such, The Roundup heralds a different kind of fun with even more intense and powerful action scenes from the prequel. On top of that, Son Suk Ku, who has transformed into an all-time villain, has joined the cast. His spectacular action sequences will only double the thrill of the movie.

Source: ABOentertainment

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