Nam Joo Hyuk Talks About What He Was Like When He Was 25 and His Obsession with Dad Jokes

Nam Joo Hyuk Twenty Five Twenty One
Nam Joo Hyuk Twenty Five Twenty One
Credit: ESQUIRE Korea

On March 26th, ESQUIRE Korea uploaded a video featuring the Twenty-Five Twenty-One star on their Youtube channel.

In the released video, the interviewer asked Nam Joo Hyuk what his favorite motivational quote was in Twenty-Five Twenty-One. He answered, “I didn’t know when we were filming, but after it was aired, I found that there are many lines that people relate to. There was Baek Yi Jin’s line that goes, ‘Gravity is constant regardless of any expectation.’ I like the line.”

Then he was asked what time he would choose to go back if he were to go back in time. He replied, “I would like to go back to when I was 25. 21 would be too young. And I think 25 would be just right. I remember I had a lot of fun, but I also worried about a lot of things when I was 25. So I would like to go back to 25 years old me.”

He also revealed that he still likes to throw dad jokes here and there every once in a while. He explained, “Now it’s more like I say those jokes before I know it rather than to say that I like them. I find the other person’s reaction very funny. I think it’s really for my own pleasure. I try not to let go of any chances that I can use my dad jokes.”

The actor closed off his interview with a heartfelt message to people in their 20s. “Just as a young person living in the same 20s, I realized that life does not go as planned. Hard work pays off. Everything is not easy. There are times when things just work out easily. But I think that’s a trap because life is long. You have to be careful, especially at times like that, and work harder and live your life to the full so that you can put down all your worries and take a break and relax,” he shared.

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