Busan’s Social Welfare Center Comes Under Fire For Invading the Privacy of BTS Jungkook’s Family

BTS jungkook busan
BTS jungkook busan
Credit: Sports Kyunghyang

A social welfare center in Busan has come under fire for classifying the house that BTS Jungkook‘s grandmother used to live in as a tourist attraction on its map. The issue cropped up when it was found to have been carried out without the consent of the singer and the other residents around the area.

According to Busan Ilbo’s report, the welfare center distributed a village map of Yeonsan 3 dong. The map included various public facilities and tourist sites of the area. However, many people were drawn to a label on the map that appeared to be different from the others: the house where BTS Jungkook’s grandmother lived. (That is currently empty.)

It was revealed that the social welfare center told the press that the house was currently unoccupied, but they had not yet acquired permission from the other residents in the neighborhood. They also did not seek permission from Jungkook either.

Both fans and the townspeople got enraged and complained of the invasion of privacy. Busan citizens also criticized the social welfare center for disclosing the address of a celebrities’ relatives without acquiring consent.

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