IU and Jay Park Say They Wrote Their Song ‘GANADARA’ 2 Years Ago

Credit: IU YouTube

IU and Jay Park got together for IU’s YouTube content, “IU’s Palette.”

On this episode, IU asked Jay Park, “What kind of connection do IU and Jay Park have to meet on the Palette? How did you get to be here?” Jay Park answered, “Thankfully, IU featured in my song.” He then introduced their new song “GANADARA,” saying, “There’s an artist called HAON, and he proposed the song to me first. I sent it (the song) to you nervously, and thankfully, you agreed to do the featuring.”

The two artists recalled the first time they contacted each other. “Who made ‘All I Wanna Do’? You asked me that,” Jay Park shared. IU further explained, “I wanted to know who wrote that track and wanted to get a chance to work with him. So I contacted you. And I remember you made a group chat for me. But it didn’t work out as planned. We got to officially work together after about six years.”

Jay Park said, “So I prioritized working with you and started working on the song right away.”

Talking more about “GANADARA,” IU shared, “It’s been two years now since we first met at the recording studio. Why did it take so long? We recorded it two years ago. I thought, ‘I must’ve been cut because my recording wasn’t good enough.'”

Jay Park gave an explanation, “We completed it in 2020. We even completed the mixing. But I wanted to release it at the right time when I could prepare for it properly and have the time and condition for it.”

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