DONGKIZ’s ‘CRAZY NIGHT’ and ‘LUPIN’ Climb Up the Charts on Various South Korean Music Platforms

Credit: DONGYO Entertainment

DONGKIZ’s “LUPIN” released in March 2020 and “CRAZY NIGHT,” released in July last year, are re-entering the domestic music charts.

The title song “CRAZY NIGHT” of the fifth single album CHASE EPISODE1. GGUM came in at No. 21 on the Bug’s real-time music chart as of 5 PM on the 14th KST, followed by their digital single “LUPIN” at No. 98 on the same chart. In addition to their remarkable comeback, “LUPIN” has just hit 100 million streams on Spotify.

Reports say that their sudden bounce back is all thanks to the popularity of one of their member named Jae Chan, who recently starred in Semantic Error. Jae Chan played Choo Sang Woo in the series and received enthusiastic cheers from fans for his irreplaceable chemistry with Park Seo Ham, who played his counterpart.

DONGKIZ (Won Dae, Kyoung Yoon, Mun Ik, Jae Chan, and Jong Hyeong) debuted in 2019 with their first album “NOM,” and they are planning to make their long-awaited comeback to the K-pop scene in April.

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