Choi Min Sik Says His New Movie ‘In Our Prime’ Reminded Him of ‘Good Will Hunting’

Choi Min Sik movie In Our Prime
Choi Min Sik movie In Our Prime

In Our Prime held an online press conference on the morning of the 15th. Actors Choi Min Sik, Kim Dong Hwi, Park Byung Eun, Park Hae Joon, Jo Yoon Seo, and director Park Dong Hoon attended the event.

In Our Prime tells a touching story of a genius mathematician, who had escaped from North Korea and now lives as a high school security guard, and a student who has given up on math.

“I thought it was such a polite story,” director Park shared. He then explained the (Korean) title, which literally translates to “A Mathematician in Wonderland.” He said, “If you watch Alice in Wonderland, the girl goes into the rabbit hole and explores the strange world. And you can also meet the mysterious adventure in our movie as well.”

Choi Min Sik plays Lee Hak Sung, a genius mathematician who defected from North Korea. The actor shared, “It reminded me of the movie Good Will Hunting. Every time I watched the movie, I thought, ‘There are many school dramas, but I wish there was one that talks about the world rather than just the school.’ And this was it.” He then added, “I can’t understand a genius, but I could understand the sadness of not being able to do what you love. So I thought a lot about the psychological part of Lee Hak Sung.”

Choi Min Sik movie In Our Prime

The veteran actor’s partner was Kim Dong Hwi, chosen from among 250 candidates that auditioned for the role. “When I first read the script, I thought Ji Woo was an ordinary high school student. But he slowly changes after meeting Hak Sung. So I tried to look at that process objectively. Since I’m in my 20s, I asked a lot of teenagers to understand how high school kids are like these days,” Kim shared.

Choi stressed, “In Our Prime is not a movie about math. It tells a warm story that people who have made relationships through the medium called mathematics throw to the world.”

Meanwhile, In Our Prime is slated for release on March 9th.

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