‘All of Us Are Dead’ Director Opens Up About His Plans for the Show’s Second Season

All of Us Are Dead season 2
All of us are Dead (L to R) Lomon as Lee Su-hyeok, Cho Yi-hyun as Choi Nam-ra in All of us are Dead Cr. Yang Hae-sung/Netflix © 2021
All of Us Are Dead season 2
Credit: Netflix

All of Us Are Dead‘s director Lee Jae Kyu shared intriguing stories behind his popular zombie apocalypse series.

On February 7th, the showrunner had an online interview to share his thoughts on his latest show that stole the hearts of the global audience.

As of February 4th, the drama topped the TOP 10 on Netflix chart in 56 countries. Regarding the immense popularity of his show, the director said, “The two years of production flashed before my eyes. I did not expect the show to become this popular.”

The director then talked about his perspectives on the romantic relationships within the drama. He said, “I personally think that love and friendship are not that so different from each other, and I believe that kind of vagueness plays a big part in teenagers’ lives.” He added, “Although the love stories can be boring for some, I thought that it could be enjoyable to others. I wanted to create a zombie apocalypse drama that is open to a wider audience.”

Additionally, Lee Jae Kyu revealed his plans for the second season. He stated, “I want to make a second season, but I can’t make any promises yet.” He added, “If the first season keeps its popularity over the course, the second season might happen. We made the show with the thought of having a sequel. So if we get to make its second season, we can guarantee that there will be an exciting and enjoyable series to watch. If the first season was about the survival of mankind, especially the students in the high school, the second season would be about the survival of the zombies outside of the safe zone.”

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