‘All of Us Are Dead’ Drops the “Meet the Cast” Video that Makes the Show Even More Intriguing

all of us are dead actors
all of us are dead actors
Credit: Netflix

Netflix unveiled the meet the cast video for its new hit series All of Us Are Dead.

All of Us Are Dead centers around a group of high school students who are trapped in their school that became ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak.

The young actors chosen through a casting call all talked about how wonderful it was to work together. The cast then explained that the students’ struggle in a school that’s supposed to be like home for them, an unexpected plot, and their amazing teamwork make their show different from others.

As Park Ji Hu said, “I think it’s very interesting as it’s a story happening in a school,” All of Us Are Dead has captivated fans around the world for its enticing unfolding in a familiar place.

It was the enthusiastic performances of the zombie actors that completed the already thrilling action sequences. Yoo In Soo said, “I was scared. How the actors played zombies was incredibly realistic.” His comment raised expectations for the 60 minor actors who had an audition to play zombies.

But despite the tense story, the filming set was always so friendly. “I was excited to go to work rather than worrying because the director made it a relaxing environment,” Yoo In Soo explained. Yoon Chan Young also talked about how director Lee Jae Gyu helped them feel at home while shooting. “If it worked well in a certain situation, we could improvise as freely as we wanted. He was so open,” he shared.


Source: Netflix

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