Junho and Lee Se Young Talk About Their Kiss Scene In ‘The Red Sleeve’

The Red Sleeve kiss scene
The Red Sleeve kiss scene
Credit: MBC

The latest broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star on January 26th carried out The Red Sleeve special, featuring Junho, Lee Se Young, Jang Hye Jin, Oh Dae Hwan, Kang Hoon and Lee Min Ji as guests following the success of their recently finished drama. According to Nielsen Korea, the special episode scored an average nationwide viewership rating of 8.3 percent.

Junho talked about how he addressed himself as ‘2PM’s Junho’ in the acceptance speech he made at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards. He showed his affection to his groupmates by saying, “2PM is more like my identity, and the members are like my family.”

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The actor-turned singer also noted that he had been working out to match the character description of Lee San. He said, “I ate sweet potatoes and chicken breast for about a year. It’s a shame that the drama didn’t include a proper full shirtless scene of mine. I frankly wanted to show off a little as I worked really hard to make the abs.”

Lee Se Young also revealed that she has purposely gained weight to play Sung Deok Im, the woman who enters the palace as a court lady but later becomes a royal concubine. She said, “I learned from Junho that cheesecake helps gain weight. So I’d been eating all sorts of junk foods and sweets, including the cake and fried bread with sugar, mayonnaise, and fruit jam on it. I ended up gaining 8kg.”

The actors shared stories behind their first kiss scene, which had taken place five months after they started filming. Lee Se Young made everyone crack up by saying, “We had already become so close, like comrades in a battle. We joked with one another, ‘Family shouldn’t be doing stuff like this.’” Junho added, “Every time we had a kissing scene, we made a toast with cups of mouthwash.”

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