‘The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure’ Actor Kwon Sang Woo Says He’s Working Out So We Could Pull Off Action Sequences

Kwon Sang Woo The Pirates
Kwon Sang Woo The Pirates
Credit: Su Company

In the movie The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure, Kwon Sang Woo is the third-billed actor after Kang Ha Neul and Han Hyo Joo. The actor, who always came first in the billing order, � took a step back from the lead role and played his first-ever villain role this time. This is also his first historical genre in his 22-year career. In an interview with JTBC News, he opened up about various stories related to the movie.

Q1. This is your first historical genre in your career.

I knew I was going to do it someday. And I’ve been wondering what kind of work it would be. I’ve worked with director Kim Jung Hoon in The Accidental Detective. I’ve heard about this movie long before, but I’ve joined the production because of my trust in the director.

Q2. You’ve shown special love for “The Accidental Detective” franchise.

The Accidental Detective is a work that helped me take the “second leap” in my life. At the time, I felt like I was backed against the corner as an actor. But The Accidental Detective helped me break through it. It didn’t receive that much attention that year, but we overcame everything with the director’s power.

Q3. What does ‘The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure’ mean to you?

I think The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure will be an opportunity to show the expandability of Kwon Sang Woo as an actor and make people think, “So Kwon Sang Woo can do different things.”

Kwon Sang Woo The Pirates
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Q4. You’ve played your first villain role.

In most projects, the ultimate end of the strong man’s greed is power. The line that directly shows that is “I will become the king of Tamna.” However, from my point of view, I did not approach the role with the mindset of “He’s a terrible guy.” As with all the actors, I tried to understand him. I thought of him as a hyena-like character chasing the others.

Q5. You’re well-experienced in action scenes. How was the action for this movie?

I’m actually comfortable with bare body actions. But this time, I had to do action sequences with a sword. It could have hurt me or others if I did something wrong, so I had to be very careful.

Q6. Until when do you want to do action scenes?

My goal is to hear people of my age or older than me say, “Oh, Kwon Sang Woo took such good care of his body that he could do action even at his age.” My body won’t be the same, but I’m trying my best to keep my condition the best I can. I’m working out for my dream. I always want to show my best performance.

Q7. You started the year 2022 with ‘The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure.’ How do you want the audience to remember you?

It is my hope that it will achieve good results to mark the start of Korean cinema this year. I have filmed two movies in a genre that I personally like very much, and I think they’ll be released this year. I hope they can also receive a lot of love. I hope to be remembered as an actor that makes interesting works.


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