Netflix’s Unveils the Main Poster and Relationship Map for ‘All of Us Are Dead’ to Get You Ready for Its Premiere

All of Us Are Dead
netflix All of Us Are Dead
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s new series All of Us Are Dead released the intense main poster and a relationship map, heightening the expectations.

All of Us Are Dead centers around a group of high school students who are trapped in their school that became ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak.

The released poster vividly captures the tension surrounding Ohn Jo (Park Ji Hoo), Chung San (Yoon Chang Young), Nam Ra (Choi Yi Hyun), and Soo Hyuk (Park Solomon). A zombie virus spreads instantly in the peaceful school, and the once placid place is filled with screams. The zombies that were once their friends now attack them. In order to survive, they must fight them, even with the thought, “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to kill.”

Director Lee Jae Gyu shared, “Socialized adults make safe choices in dangerous situations. But children make risky choices or judgments to save their friends.” The characters cannot turn away from their friends that have turned into zombies. So they show the courage to save their friends even in a situation where their lives are at stake.

netflix All of Us Are Dead
Credit: Netflix

The relationship map that gives a glimpse into the relationships of students struggling in a locked-down school also draws attention. Ohn Jo and Chang San are childhood friends, and they team up with Nam Ra and Soo Hyuk, who are relying on each other to get through the crisis. On the other hand, Gwui Nam, who are more dangerous than zombies, and Na Yeon, who constantly gets into conflicts, also catch the eye.

All of Us Are Dead �will be released exclusively on Netflix on January 28th.

Source: Netflix

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