Kang Ha Neul Talks About His New Looks in ‘The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure,’ How He Relieves Stress, and More

Kang Ha Neul the pirates
Kang Ha Neul the pirates
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Kang Ha Neul shared candid stories during an interview for his upcoming movie The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure.

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure follows the journey of pirates in finding the lost treasure of a royal family, which disappeared without a trace. In the movie, Kang Ha Neul plays Moochi, who claims himself to be the best swordsman in Joseon. And for the role, the actor challenged on a new and shocking look.

“It’s a look I came up with after much pondering so that I could give off the free-spirited and reckless vibe,” he shared. “At first, he had ordinary long hair, but I came to this decision to give off the more ‘crazy’ feeling. I even thought of shaving my head for the role.”

Just like all the other cast members, Kang Ha Neul also praised outstanding teamwork. “Our team had such great chemistry. We had so much fun and laughed all the time,” he relayed. “There are lots of different characters in the movie. So if I tried to do something different from my fellow actors, the harmony would have broken. So acting exactly as the script says was important. Having fun while filming is the most important. if you have fun on the set, the harmony is already there.”

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Most of the filming took place in front of the blue screen, and actors had to depend on their imagination. “It was actually quite fun. If I had to react to what I see, I might have shown the obvious reactions,” Kang Ha Neul commented. “But acting in front of a blue screen gives me all the room for my imaginations, so my reactions changed as well. There were concerns, but they were fun concerns.”

The actor also opened up about who he is as a person. To the question about possibly feeling stressed about constantly being called a “kind person,” he answered, “I always say this, but I’m not kind.” He continued, “I have one goal: I hope no one frowns because of me. I never try to be kind or nice. I just simply try to be fun at the filming sites.”

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Kang Ha Neul also shared what he does when he feels stressed. “I’d be lying if I said I have no stress at all. But if I do feel like I’m stressed, I never try to relieve them by force. I just have some time to organize my thoughts after waking up in the morning,” he explained.

What goal does he have for the year 2022? Kang Ha Neul answered, “My goal is to have fun in all my projects. My thoughts have become more solid while serving in the military. There’s nothing so special about living. and having fun in every work I do comes first.”

Meanwhile, The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure will be released on the 26th. It’s the second series of the movie The Pirates that attracted 8.66 million moviegoers.

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