Lee Da Hae Shares Amusing Stories About Her Relationship With Se7en

Lee Da Hae Se7en
se7en lee da hae
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Lee Da Hae and Se7en shared their special dating stories on the 15th broadcast of MBC’s variety show Point of Omniscient Interference.

Lee Da Hae invited her boyfriend Se7en and their mutual friend Choi Seong Joon over for a dinner. Her publicist was excited to hear their sweet love story but she seemed to be a little worried that she may pick up a quarrel with her partner. “I hope we don’t argue,” she said.

When Se7en entered the restaurant, Lee Da Hae hugged him and talked about what made them appear on the show together. She said, “I was a little worried about making an appearance on the show with him, but since I’m a huge fan of this show, I asked Se7en how he felt about it. I’m glad that he feels okay with it.”

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Se7en then exclaimed, “You know how I’m running a golf YouTube channel, right? I asked her to appear on one of my videos, but she is pretty firm on her decision not to take part in it.” After hearing this, Lee Dae Hae jokingly explained, “Se7en used to avoid going on camera with me. He once even told me that I shouldn’t post photos of us on my social media account,” to break the ice between them.

“I knew you guys were attracted to each other from the beginning,” said Choi Seong Joon, who is known to have introduced the actress to the singer. Se7en was flustered when Lee Dae Hae replied, “Not at first.” “We weren’t close back then,” she continued, revealing that it was Choi Seong Joon who invited her over to his place when he was with Se7en. She then said that she had initially turned down the invitation and that it was Se7en who began contacting her a couple of months after what happened with Choi.

Lee Dae Hae recalled the day Se7en confessed to her. She said, “It was my birthday and I was celebrating with my friends. He asked me out while we were playing the pool game. I started to change the subject and he asked why I wasn’t giving him a proper answer to his confession. So I said, ‘Do I really have to say that out loud?’ because I felt extremely shy around him.”

se7en lee da hae
Credit: iMBC

Lee Dae Hae revealed, “We did have some turbulent times but everything worked out in the end. We dated secretly for a few months.” Choi Seong Joon jokingly disagreed, saying, “No. You wouldn’t sit next to each other on the plane if you were dating secretly.”

Then the actress surprised everyone when she revealed that “Once Se7en starts a relationship, he dates for a long time.” Se7en looked flustered but laughed while saying, “This is her longest relationship but it’s my shortest. When our four-year anniversary came around, I told her that we are still in the honeymoon phase. I still get butterflies.’”

They did, however, reveal that they had a tough time last year. Lee Da Hae explained that their brief breakup broke the hearts of those around them. She said, “Even the lady who lived above me was so upset, and My mom was very disappointed.” She teared up while thinking about the past and mentioned that Se7en’s family is one of the reasons that their relationship is lasting so long. She explained, “I’m extremely lucky to meet people like Se7en’s family. I am more glad to have a relationship with them than my own boyfriend.” Lee Dae Hae then jokingly added, “Because I feel like I can find a guy like him elsewhere.”

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