‘Snowdrop’ Jung Hae In Takes Jisoo as Hostage: Timeline of the Hostage Incident

drama Snowdrop
drama Snowdrop
Credit: JTBC

After Jung Hae In has taken everyone in the Hosoo University’s dormitory, JTBC’s Snowdrop has introduced twist after twist. Especially in episode 9, “Moranbong No. 1” Chung Ya (Yoo In Na) was seen detonating a bomb in the dorm, shocking the viewers. Let’s take a look at the timeline of the hostage incident.


Day 1

North Korean spy Su Ho (Jung Hae In) took Young Ro (Jisoo) hostage when HoSoo Women’s University’s dormitory was surrounded by ANSP agents. He even took ANSP agent Kang Moo (Jang Seung Jo), who has been after him, and other students in the building as well. Young Ro was in great shock as she figured out his real identity.

Eun Chang Soo (Heo Joon Ho), the director of the ANSP, and Nam Tae Il (Park Sung Woong), the secretary-general of the ruling party, were involved in the operation. It was a secret plan they came up with the North for the publicity ahead of the presidential election. After Eun Chang Soo found out about how his daughter was taken hostage, he negotiated with the North and decided to send the spies back safely. Su Ho escaped with his comrades but came heavily attacked as he stepped out, as Nam Tae Il decided to stick to his own plan.


Day 2

In order to treat his injured comrades, he demanded a doctor. So Nam Tae Il sent in his mistress and doctor Chung Ya. In the meantime, Young Ro was beating herself up since she believed this hostage-taking happened because of her. So she told Su Ho that she’s the daughter of the director of ANSP and asked him to release everyone else.

On the other hand, Chung Ya’s real identity was North Korean spy “Moranbong No. 1.” She informed Su Ho that the dormitory was being bugged, which Su Ho found outrageous, threatening to kill off all the hostages. Eun Chang Soo and Nam Tae Il convinced him to check the North’s orders. Soon, Su Ho and Chung Ya received the following order from the North – “Reached an agreement with the South, don’t kill the hostages, you will be rescued in ten days.”


Day 3

Yumi's Cells

After escaping the dormitory, Kang Moo realized that the ANSP had zero intention of rescuing the hostages but rather was trying to use this hostage-taking for the upcoming election. So he tried to persuade Su Ho, but he demanded proof.

Han Na (Jung Yoo Jin) got her hands on evidence of Nam Tae Il saying that he won’t save the hostages or the spies. However, she was caught by Ahn Kyung Hee. Kang Moo tried to persuade Su Ho by arguing that both the North and South had sacrificed innocent people to maintain power, but Su Ho was resolute.


Day 4

Young To and Kang Mo devise a plan to escape the dormitory. While Su Ho went to the secret toon to search for Young Ro, Kang Moo came up with a lie to lock Chung Ya in the attic. After a fight, Kang Moo successfully subdues Su Ho. He removed the booby trap and tried to escape the dormitory with the students. However, the moment they tried to leave the building, Chung Ya, who had broken out of the attic, detonated a bomb installed in the dormitory.

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