‘KMA People’ Reveals New Teaser Showcasing Romantic Chemistry Between Song Kang and Park Min Young

Song Kang Park Min Young

JTBC dropped two teasers of the upcoming weekend drama KMA People: Office Romance Cruelty.

KMA People: Office Romance Cruelty revolves around the romance and everyday lives of people working in the Korea Meteorological Administration. Park Min Young takes the role of the general forecaster named Jin Ha Kyung and Song Kang plays Lee Si Woo, the guy in charge of breaking news.

The first teaser clip captures a heart-fluttering moment of the pair working in the control room. Si Woo carefully takes Ha Kyung’s hand and locks his eyes on her, signaling the beginning of their office romance.

In the following clip, Ha Kyung and Si Woo walk home after work. As Ha Kyung walks ahead, a big grin spreads across her face. Si Woo, lovingly gazing at Ha Kyoung, follows her from a step behind.

The production crew said, “This will be the first Korean drama set in the weather station. In addition to its exciting story, the drama includes workplace romance among the KMA workers. Park Min Young and Song Kang will lead this romantic story and this new teaser is designed to give you a glimpse of the subtle chemistry and romance that the two will show in KMA People. We hope you all stay tuned for our upcoming drama.”

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