Junho Says He Still Hasn’t Been Able to Let Go of Yi San in ‘The Red Sleeve’

Junho The Red Sleeve
Junho The Red Sleeve
Credit: JYP Entertainment

Recently, Junho showed his all-time performance in The Red Sleeve. In a video interview with the media, the actor talked about finishing the drama.

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Q1. ‘The Red Sleeve’ finished on a great note. I’m sure you feel different.

I really didn’t want the drama to end. I’ve put in so much love and had so much fun on the set. We couldn’t stop laughing while filming, and all of us had so much fun. And the viewer ratings showed a spike. We started at 5% and ended at 17%, and I’m just grateful for all the love we received.

Q2. What are you going to do about the viewer ratings pledge?

I promised to dance in the dragon robe (a robe that the king wore) if we surpassed 15% ratings. Other actors also made their own promises, but we all think that it’s only meaningful if we do it together. I’ll meet up with actors whenever we have time to keep our promises.

Q3. Have you realized your popularity as “actor Lee Junho”?

I still don’t know if I have realized it yet. But just looking at the ratings, I can feel how so many people loved our drama. As for me, the difference that I feel is how my grandmother enjoyed the show and called me after every episode (laughs).

Junho The Red Sleeve
Credit: JYP Entertainment

Q4. Why did you choose ‘The Red Sleeve’ as your comeback project?

I loved the scripts. I kept imagining how I could play the character of Yi san. Like that, I grew interested in drama. Above all, Se Young was already in talks to play the female lead, and I wanted to act so bad. So I chose it.

Q5. You won two awards at the Drama Awards. Did other 2PM members contact you?

Our members just said, “Congrats.” That’s our relationship (laughs).

Q6. What does this drama mean to you?

I still haven’t been able to let go of it. For some reason, I still feel lonely and sad. It’s not that I still feel like I’m King Jeongjo, but my heart feels empty when I think about San and Deok Im. I’m going to need more time. Only after some time will I be able to let it go.

Q7. What are your plans from now on?

I won’t be able to do anything until I finally let go of Yi San. I want to take time to soothe my heart and let him go as soon as possible, so I can do other activities. I want to work hard as I did in 2021. I’m preparing for a fan meeting as well. Just being able to meet my fans face to face after all this time means so much to me. I know I’ll have a good time, so I’m really looking forward to it.

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  • He’s having a hard time letting go, just as a lot of us viewers are. Though San and Deok IM’s lives were all too short, they both overcame huge obstacles in such a short time. Plus their love for each other was as deep as the ocean. I don’t believe in the “afterlife “ but I know they did. I’m sure they are spending eternity together.

    • Congrats to cash of red sleeve , you are all great thats why. Superb acting from eveeyone of the cast.congrats. More please.

  • Massive Congrats to The Red Sleeve Cuff!🙋‍♀️

    I enjoyed watching and have Kilig much for Yi San and Deok Im.👫😍

    All cast/characters they portrayed are Awesome!👌👌👌

  • The Red Sleeve was an extraordinarily beautiful. I am still crying. The cinematography was exceptional and the acting was superb. The story was so delicately directed that it led you along the love dance in unexpected and heartfelt ways. Of the 60 or so K Dramas I have seen in the last year, this one will become a classic. Junho probably needs to cry. He gave an incredible performance and will need time to say goodbye. I just can’t wait to see what he says hello to in the future! What an incredible talent!

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