‘Snowdrop’ Controversy Continues as JTBC Issues Warning Against Those Spreading Malicious Rumors

drama Snowdrop Controversy
drama Snowdrop Controversy
Credit: JTBC

JTBC warned to take legal actions against those spreading false and malicious rumors regarding their currently airing drama, Snowdrop. Many online communities responded intensely to the broadcaster’s statement, resulting in another petition to the Blue House.

With the title that says, “We the People ask JTBC to immediately take down the warning that infringes viewer’s rights,” the petition argued that “JTBC is depriving the viewers of their rights to post opinions on their drama by threatening them with legal action. Their statement dismisses the opinion of more than 360,000 people and supposes that such advice is fabricated and fragmented.” The people’s statement also pointed out that it was a reckless decision to make an excuse that Snowdrop is just a ‘fictional work’ and added that “JTBC uses legal actions as weapons, forcing the viewers to censor themselves more.”

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Meanwhile, JTBC delivered an official letter to nearly 20 online communities on December 30th. It reads, “We will respond strongly to groundless slanders and rumors that are irrelevant to the setting of Snowdrop.”

Additionally, the network explained, “We respect the rights of viewers to freely criticize or form opinions about our works to a healthy extent. However, we will be taking legal action against comments and rumors that openly terrorize those who are involved in making this series and that have nothing to do with the story’s actual content.” They also added, “We are currently experiencing severe damages due to the spread of false and malicious comments regarding Snowdrop.”

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