‘A Year-End Medley’ Unveils Behind-the-Scenes Photos that Capture the Friendly Chemistry of the Actors

movie A Year End Medley
movie A Year-End Medley

A Year-End Medley has released the behind-the-scenes photos of 14 actors who boast perfect chemistry even during the waiting time.

The upcoming TVING original movie A Year-End Medley centers around the people who visit the hotel Emros with their own stories. And in the hotel, various people start new relationships in their own way.

First, Jae Yong (Kang Ha Neul) visits the hotel in despair with the grand decision to spend the last week of his life glamorously. And who should deal with his obnoxious attitude is hotelier Soo Yeon (YoonA). The two actors, who will present a non-face-to-face romance, are discussing the next scene together on the set, raising expectations for their chemistry.

movie A Year-End Medley

Following the drama Mother, Lee Hye Young and Ko Sung Hee reunited as mother and daughter once again. The two turn into Catherine, a Korean businessman who returned to Korea after a long time for her daughter’s wedding, and Young Joo, a popular jazz pianist who’s about to tie the knot, each presenting a twilight romance and love triangle.

The five high school students will remind us of our fun school days, while Lee Kwang Soo adds to the fun with his cheerful mojo. Additionally, Han Ji Min led the movie as hotel manager So Jin, who has a crush on her friend of 15 years. Her chemistry with Kim Young Kwang, playing So Jin’s crush Seung Hyo, and Lee Jin Wook, playing a man that goes on blind dates every week in the hotel, will be a sight to enjoy.

Meanwhile, A Year-End Medley confirmed its release both in theaters and on the streaming platform TVING next month.


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