‘The Pirates: Goblin Flag’ Drops 16 Still Photos of the Dynamic Adventure

movie The Pirates Goblin Flag

The Pirates: Goblin Flag‘ unveiled the 16 still photos of the characters’ dynamic adventure.

movie The Pirates Goblin Flag
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

The Pirates: Goblin Flag follows the journey of pirates in finding the lost treasure of a royal family, which disappeared without a trace. And the released photos vividly capture the dynamic appearance of pirates, thieves, and rebels looking for the lost treasure for different reasons.

First, Moochi (Kang Ha Neul) shows the free-spirited side as the leader of the bandit, stimulating curiosity with unstoppable energy that goes back and forth between seriousness and fun. Next up is Haerang (Han Hyo Joo), the charismatic captain who showed intense presence as big as her fame. Her photos herald the actress’s shocking transformation into a warrior who boosts charismatic and powerful action.

movie The Pirates Goblin Flag
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Additionally, Makyi (Lee Kwang Soo) adds to the fun with his crazy looks. The Photo of rebel Bu Heungsoo (Kwon Sang Woo) creates tension by showing a glimpse into a battle he’ll have with the pirates over the lost treasure. Moreover, the colorful charms of Haegeum (Chae Soo Bin), Hangoog (Sehun), Kangsub (Kim Sung Oh), and Agwi (Park Ji Hwan) are shown through the photos, raising expectations for the acting ensemble The Pirates: Goblin Flag will present.

movie The Pirates Goblin Flag
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Not only that, the photos that capture the dynamic voyage of pirates and thieves hint at the unprecedented attractions. In particular, the photo that Shows Makyi and Haerang putting their heads together as fate led them together showcases the chemistry they’ll show as two entirely different characters. Of course, the cinematic beauty will only add to the fun of the unpredictable story.

Meanwhile, The Pirates: Goblin Flag is slated to be released during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Source: Lotte Entertainment

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