‘Special Delivery’ Is Pre-Sold to 47 Countries and Will be Released in Over 5 Countries on the Same Date

Special Delivery Park So Dam
Special Delivery Park So Dam
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Special Delivery has already been sold to 47 countries, including Europe and Asia. In addition, the simultaneous release in five countries has been confirmed.

The upcoming crime-action flick revolves around a professional delivery expert named Eun Ha (Park So Dam). With her 100 percent success rate in speedily delivery, she takes on a new mission and soon gets caught up in an unexpected delivery accident.

Amid the keen interest of distributors from all over the world, Special Delivery was pre-sold to 47 countries, including European countries such as Germany and Austria, as well as major Asian countries such as Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Special Delivery Park So Dam
Credit: NEW

First, Special Delivery is slated for release in Korea on January 12th. Soon, it will be released in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mongolia on the 13th and 14th, and in Indonesia and Taiwan on the 19th and 28th, respectively.

Special Delivery is drawing more attention as Park So Dam’s first-ever action movie. An official from Edko Films (Hong Kong distributor) said, “The action movie challenge of Park So Dam, who rose to stardom with Parasite, will thrill many audiences.” Clover Films has chosen the “high-quality, attractive car-chasing action” as its reason for deciding to distribute the movie in seven countries in Southeast Asia. Movie Cloud (Taiwanese distributor) didn’t spare the praise, saying, “Special Delivery will make you experience an adrenaline rush.”

Source: NEW

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