3 Key Points to Look Forward to In New Netflix Original Series ‘The Silent Sea’

Netflix The Silent Sea
Netflix The Silent Sea
Credit: Netflix

Ahead of the premiere of The Silent Sea on the 24th, Netlfix shared key points for viewers to look out for. Set in the near future, where Earth’s natural resources are depleted, the new Netflix original series follows a group of space explorers that tries to retrieve samples from an abandoned research facility steeped in classified secrets.

What’s the mystery inside the abandoned research lab on the moon?

The Silent Sea is based on a short film of the same name directed by Choi Hang Yong. The original film received many favorable reviews for its unpredictable plot that takes place at an abandoned research lab on the moon. Jung Woo Sung took part in producing the series after watching the original 37-minute film. As director Choi Hang Yong said, “Now that we have more running time, it will allow us to provide a more quality drama. There’s nothing more fun than solving the mysteries one by one, right?,” The Silent Sea will present a suspenseful storyline as the research team delves deeper into their mission. With no background information, the elite team heads to Balhae Station, a facility that was permanently shut down five years ago, to complete their task. However, their mission takes an unexpected turn as they witness mysterious deaths on the station. What could be the secret hidden in the station?

The Immaculate Chemistry Among A-list Actors

Netflix The Silent Sea
Credit: Netflix

Bae Doona stars as astrobiologist Song Ji An and Gong Yoo plays exploration team leader Han Yoon Jae. Tension rises as conflicts between the two get intense about whether to simply do their job and leave the base safely or to take time to thoroughly investigate the base. Lee Joon, Kim Sun Young, Lee Moo Saeng, and Lee Sung Wook star as senior engineer Ryu Tae Seok, team doctor Hong Ga Young, head of security Gong Soo Hyuk, and spaceship pilot Kim Sun, respectively. These characters will make a variety of choices to survive throughout their eventful journey filled with horror and shock.

Realistic Film Sets that Complete the Mystery

Netflix The Silent Sea
Credit: Netflix

As producer Jung Woo Sung said, “Everything was a new challenge,” it took a lot of time and effort for The Silent Sea team to achieve the realistic depiction of the moon. The production team referenced many of NASA’s reports that are open to the public to realistically depict the detailed texture of the moon’s surface and other space settings. Five large film sets were constructed to depict the desolate moon, the crash landing of the spaceship, and the vastness of space. The impactful crash landing of the spaceship early in the series took three months to build. Moreover, the main set, Balhae Station, was created based off of the Brutalist architectures from the 1950s and 1980s to make the set appear mysterious and eerie. And because the series is set in space, VFX played an important role. The production crew replaced the blue screens with LED walls and projected the background for the actors to immerse themselves in their roles better.

Source: Netflix

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