‘Special Delivery’ Presents an Ultimate Thrill with the Character Video

Special Delivery park so dam
Special Delivery park so dam
Credit: NEW

Special Delivery dropped an intense character trailer.

The upcoming crime-action flick revolves around a professional delivery expert named Eun Ha (Park So Dam). With her 100 percent success rate in speedily delivery, she takes on a new mission and soon gets caught up in an unexpected delivery accident. And the released video captures the characters equipped with instincts to push ahead without backing down.

First, special delivery expert Eun Ha (Park So Dam) boasts her girl crush charm as she drives the car without hesitation. She shows off her unconventional car chase and intense action sequences as she gets caught up in an unexpected delivery accident. Will she complete the delivery safely?

Special Delivery park so dam
Credit: NEW

Then there is Kyung Pil (Song Sae Byuk), a policeman by day and a gangster by night. His vicious approach in retrieving $25 million will double the tension. He will give birth to a new kind of villain who uses his job as a police officer to commit illegal and violent acts for his own purposes.

Moreover, Baek Sang Jang (Kim Eui Sung), the CEO of Baekgang Industries, is the kind of person who will accept offers as long as there’s money in it for him. As Eun Ha’s reliable partner, he’ll enliven the story. Lastly, NIS agent Mi Young (Yeom Hye Ran) will also be chasing after Eun Ha, adding strength to the unpredictable development.

Meanwhile, Special Delivery will be released on January 12th.

Source: NEW

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