‘The King’s Affection’ Episode 14 Recap: Park Eun Bin Decides to Stay and Become the King Herself

The King's Affection
Credit: KBS

KBS’ The King’s Affection is maintaining its lead over its rivals, recording an average nationwide viewership rating of 9.6 percent on its fourteenth episode.

In the latest two episodes, Lee Hwi’s (Park Eun Bin) fierce survival in the palace begins as she is forced to take the throne overnight following her father’s sudden death.

Even with her new position as the king, Hwi has little power over her realm and her people because she has made a deal with her grandfather to become a puppet king for him in exchange for the safety of her loved ones.

Jung Ji Woon (Rowoon) and Hwi face each other once again as a king and a servant, no longer able to openly express their feelings for each other. To make matters worse, the people in her kingdom pressure her to marry a rightful partner.

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However, Hwi did not yield to the pressure. Everything was part of her plan so that she could find the evidence that her grandfather had poisoned her father to death.

While Hwi struggles behind the throne, Ji Woon begs his father to grant him the position of the king’s secretary.

The episode ends with Jung Seok Jo witnessing Hwi sharing a kiss with Ji Woon.

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