Netflix Sends the ‘Squid Game’ Team One-Time Bonuses to Reward Their Exceptional Work and Dedication

netflix squid game
Credit: Netflix

According to Bloomberg’s report, Netflix sent the Squid Game team one-time bonuses as a reward for their work on the most popular show in the steamer’s history.

Although the cast received less than the stars of HBO’s Succession got paid for one episode, the bonuses are meant to recognize the show’s success and the tremendous amount of revenue the series brought to Netflix.

The show cost $21 million to produce, but it is now estimated to be worth more than $900 million to the streamer giant. However, it is said that most of the show’s revenue has gone to the company instead of the creator, producers and actors.

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The easiest way for Netflix to reward the production crew is by paying them more in future seasons. The creators of Game of Thrones were said to have made very little money off the first season, but by the end of the show, they were paid enough for the work they did.

As Netflix holds the production rights to the second season of the series, all eyes are on how much the Squid Game team will be making in the next season.


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