Lee Young Ae Talks About Her Role In ‘Inspector Koo,’ Chemistry With the Cast and More

Inspector Koo
Inspector Koo
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Lee Young Ae sat down for an interview with JTBC and shared her thoughts on playing the role of Koo Kyung Yi in Inspector Koo.

Inspector Koo is receiving positive reviews on its fresh storyline, original production, and unique characters. Lee Young Ae plays the role of Koo Kyung Yi, a keen insurance inspector who spends most of her time playing games and drinking alcohol.

Lee Young Ae shared the reason she found her role attractive, saying, “The script was unique and fascinating. I thought it would be a fresh take to bring in a new genre of series to our audience. I found the role intriguing since I’ve never taken up a role like Koo Kyung Yi before.”

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Inspector Koo has been garnering attention for Lee Young Ae’s shocking transformation. Lee Young Ae shared, “People were a little skeptical yet curious about my new character because it was so different from my previous roles. The fact that people showed a lot of interest motivated me to work harder. I was able to focus better as I found myself enjoying going to the film set.”

She also mentioned Koo Kyung Yi’s relationship with Kei (Kim Hye Jun). Lee Young Ae explained, “Koo Kyung Yi sets out to catch Kei, while Kei runs away from her. I think it’s a relationship where they can’t help but be intrigued by each other. The chemistry between the two characters is amazing, especially when they are playing cat and mouse in many different scenes.”

Watch Lee Young Ae’s interview below.

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