‘One the Woman’ Was a Challenge for Lee Hanee

One the Woman Lee Hanee
Credit: SBS

SBS’s One the Woman fished strong, recording its all-time ratings of 17.8% in the final episode. Lee Hanee‘s thrilling performance continues to make headlines throughout the show, leading to the series’s popularity.

The actress shared her thoughts about finishing One the Woman.


Q1. How do you feel about finishing ‘One the Woman’?

It’s always sad at the end. But the ending means another beginning, so it’s sad but also exciting in some ways. So I could say that I’m bittersweet.

Q2. What was the most impressive scene or line?

The scene where Yeon Joo makes a scene and yells at her in-laws, “Do you know who I am?” in the church. I was worried when I was filming it, but it came out much better than I expected, and I think that’s why the viewers thought of it as a thrilling scene.

Q3. What did you focus on to express the difference between Jo Yeon Joo and Kang Mina?

The two characters’ stories are so different, so I paid a lot of attention. I thought that things like breathing, vocalization, tone of voice, walking, eyes, and body tempo contain the stories. So when playing Mina, I thought about her history and situation. Of course, I did the same with Yeon Joo. By following their stories, I was able to build the characters. Also, I tried to make a difference in their appearances.

One the Woman Lee Hanee
Credit: SBS

Q4. How was the chemistry with other actors?

We had amazing chemistry. It was hard for me to say goodbye to them. If you have good chemistry with your co-stars, going to the filming set is joyful. And One the Woman had that feeling.

Q5. Behind-the-Scenes videos released on YouTube became a hot topic. What kind of things did you prepare for the project?

At first, Vietnamese and French felt very unfamiliar. In that sense, there were lots of challenges for me in One the Woman. So I prepared the best I could. I focused on learning the languages through repetition. And especially for French and Vietnamese, I had a teacher even before the filming and tried to make the language familiar to me for months. As for the action sequences, I had to pull them off in a short amount of time. I had to go to an action school during filming, so I was physically burdened. Still, it’s much better to show viewers the sequences that I’ve performed myself, so I put a lot of effort into it.

Q6. Are there any comments or reactions that you found memorable or helpful?

Someone told me that they hadn’t laughed aloud in a while, but seeing One the Woman helped them laugh out loud for the first time in years. Then they thanked me. But I was the one who was grateful. In fact, comedy is the most unexpected and terrifying genre. So even right before the premiere, I am both scared and excited. But thankfully, many found One the Woman enjoyable, so I’m just grateful for that. 


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