Kim Seon Ho Will Not Be Dropped From His New Film ‘Sad Tropics’

Kim Seon Ho Film Sad Tropics
Kim Seon Ho Film Sad Tropics
Credit: tvN

Kim Seon Ho will continue shooting the movie Sad Tropics (working title) as scheduled.

On the 1st, the film’s investment distributor NEW issued an announcement. They revealed, “After much consideration, we decided to continue working with Kim Seon Ho for the remaining year.”


Sad Tropics will be the actor’s first movie and it is about an aspiring professional boxer, who was born between a Korean father and a Filippino mother.

Previously, on October 17th, Kim Seon Ho issued an apology letter regarding the abortion scandal. He said, “I was seeing her (his ex) with good emotions. However, I ended up hurting her due to my carelessness and inconsiderate actions.”

After the allegations against the actor came to light, various brands started to cut ties with Kim Seon Ho. He was then dropped from KBS’ variety show 2 Days & 1 Night, director Kim Deok Min’s omnibus movie Dog Days, and director Lee Sang Geun’s rom-com 2 O’Clock Date.

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