A Mask Brand “Unprivated” All of Kim Seon Ho’s Advertisements

Kim Seon Ho ex-girlfriend

The mask brand “MIIMA,” which Kim Seon Ho is the face of, returned the previously privated advertisements. Now, attention focuses on whether Kim, whose career was put on a complete halt, will be able to show his face again.

Kim Seon Ho ex-girlfriend
Credit: MIIMA

As of Thursday, Kim Seon Ho‘s advertisements for MIIMA have been put back on the official website, YouTube, and Instagram. This particular brand waited until Kim’s apology was officially issued before privating all the related content.

Kim Hee Sung, the CEO of MIIMA, shared, “We observed the agency’s statement from a neutral point of view when the scandal first broke out. After we checked Kim’s apology, we started taking down his advertisements.” He then added, “But since then, his ex-girlfriend has practically accepted his apology. And although Kim did something wrong, we decided to put the videos back up because forgiveness is also an important value.”

Kim Seon Ho ex-girlfriend
Credit: MIIMA

He continued, “In general, when controversy arises, we proceed with a lawsuit against the model. But we didn’t go for it because it could appear as if we are exerting a biased influence. I think it’s also important to keep a neutral attitude and embrace the issues.”

As MIIMA unprivated Kim’s videos, fans’ attention focuses on whether other companies, such as Domino’s Pizza and 11th Street, will also take the same action.


Earlier on the 17th, woman A, who claims to be actor �K’s ex-girlfriend, first brought up the “Actor K” scandal. A claimed that actor K tricked her into thinking that he would marry her and even encouraged her to get an abortion. Since then, Kim Seon Ho was speculated as actor K, stirring up the entertainment industry.

Four days after the revelation was first posted, Kim Seon Ho issued an official apology statement. Since then, everything about the actor, including supporting messages and additional revelations, became a hot potato.

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