Ok Taecyeon Looks Back at His Acting Career and Talks About ‘Vincenzo’ and ‘Secret Royal Inspector Joy’

2PM Ok Taecyeon

2PM’s Ok Taecyeon recently sat down for an interview with W Korea.

2PM Ok Taecyeon
Credit: W Korea

The singer/actor made his debut with 2PM in 2008 and is now already 34 years old. It’s already been two years since his military discharge, and since then, he has starred in two dramas, including the hit series Vincenzo. And now, he’s gearing up with the new rom-com historical series Secret Royal Inspector Joy.

To Taecyeon, acting is something fun. “I have to play new characters every time and express different things, so it’s always new. Every project gives me different homework,” he shared. “How deep the expressions have to be, how light it should be, what’s the director’s intention, how I should satisfy the viewers, and etc. Thinking about all that is fun but also tough.”

2PM Ok Taecyeon
Credit: W Korea

Earlier this year, he made a shocking transformation into villain Jang Jun Woo for Vincenzo. In one interview, the actor said that he and the character are quite similar. What did that mean? Taecyeon answered, “It’s not like there’s one thing we’re alike. But I saw something familiar in him, who has many different aspects. Jang Jun Woo is someone who needs everything to proceed as he mapped out, and I’m quite similar in that sense. As well as his cold side.”

Secret Royal Inspector Joy will be his first rom-com series. “It’s a bright, comedic historical series. I appear as an incredibly lazy person who is pressured into the role of the secret royal inspector,” he explained. “I inspect together with my co-star Kim Hye Yoon, and we make our way to every corner of the country. I don’t know how people will react, but we’re having a lot of fun filming. I especially like how the vibe at the filming set is fun.”


Lastly, Ok Taeyeon was asked how he wants to age to pursue an even longer career. To which the star replied, “This is a thought I’ve had since I was young, but I wish the options are up to me. Instead of doing something for money or because I have no other choice, I want to live doing what I want to do and making choices that include my will.”

2PM Ok Taecyeon
Credit: W Korea

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