‘Squid Game’ Actor Anupam Tripathi Talks about Living in Korea and How His Parents Reacted to the Show’s Huge Popularity

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Squid Game Anupam Tripathi,
Credit: MBC

Squid Game star Anupam Tripathi appeared in MBC’s I Live Alone.

Anupam Tripathi has been in Korea for 11 years. The actor revealed that he moved to Korea to study acting in 2010. He earned his master’s degree from the Korea National University of Arts and explained that he first lived in school dorms, then in a rooftop house, and finally moved to his current residence.

Early in the morning, Anupam Tripathi made his own special chai tea for his morning routine. He then made a video call to his family in India, and his parents praised and congratulated him for the show’s huge success.

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Later in the afternoon, he prepared a housewarming party, cooking chicken curry for his beloved guests: Extracurricular star Park Joo Hyun and actor Kim Pyung Jo. When they arrived, his two friends congratulated him on his achievements with the global hit series and gave him a padded coat and a special stamp.

To their heartfelt gifts, Anupam Tripathi shared that he could not have done it without them. He revealed, “Meeting new folks is like getting a new gift. Every time, I learn about their stories, and they are like presents to me.”


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