Kim Seon Ho’s Agency Clarifies False Rumours about Their Exclusive Contract with the Actor

Kim Seon Ho actor k

Issues involving Kim Seon Ho are still ongoing. Now, the actor’s agency is also dragged into the mess.

Kim Seon Ho actor k
Credit: SALT Entertainment

Earlier today, an anonymous Instagram user, who claimed to be Kim Seon Ho‘s acquaintance, insisted that his agency Salt Entertainment is manipulating the media. To which, the company issued an official statement regarding their contract with the actor.


“Hello, this is Salt Entertainment.

We would like to deliver accurate information regarding the contract period between Kim Seon Ho and Salt Entertainment.

First of all, the contents of the contract are confidential. But due to ongoing issues, we will inform you of the details through mutual agreement.

In July 2018, Kim Seon Ho and Salt Entertainment held the first meeting after being introduced by broadcasting officials.

We thought it would be difficult for an actor to decide which agency to work with for a long time in such a short time. Therefore, after mutual agreement, we agreed to discuss the contract extension after working together from September 2018 to September 2019.

Afterwards, we should have discussed the contract extension in June 2019, three months before the contract expired. However, the actor was cast in more works, and the trust between the actor and the company was strong, and while continuing to work together, the year 2020 came.

After that, at the actor’s request, the contract was renewed for three years, from March 2020 to March 2023. Plus, an annex agreement was also drawn up to automatically extend the contract by one year until March 2027 if there is no disagreement.

We ask for your understanding in conveying our statement due to the ongoing issues.

Thank you.”


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