A Character Guide to the Mystery Drama ‘Jirisan’

iQiyi korean drama Jirisan
Credit: tvN
iQiyi korean drama Jirisan
Credit: tvN

The most anticipated work in the second half of 2021, tvN’s Jirisan is set to premiere on the 23rd. Written by Signal and Kingdom writer Kim Eun Hee, Jirisan follows the rangers at the national park to find the truth behind mysterious accidents in the mountain. Kim said, “I wanted to write something different from murder mysteries or what I’ve written before. I wished to tell a story about Jirisan rangers who save lives in the mountain, where it’s filled with nature and beautiful scenery,” hinting at a different tone of the upcoming work.

So, without further ado, let’s take a sneak peek at Jun Ji Hyun, Ju Ji Hoon, Sung Dong Il, and Oh Jung Se’s characters to get a grip on the coming up story.


Jun Ji Hyun (Seo Yi Kang)

iQiyi korean drama Jirisan
Credit: tvN

Seo Yi Kang is the best ranger who works at Jirisan National Park. She knows everything about mountains more than anyone else, yet she never underestimates the variables that could happen in nature due to the great tragedy she suffered in the year of 1995 when she lost her parents in heavy rain.

As a ranger, she is terrific at her job, but she fears collecting dead bodies in the mountain due to her past traumatic experience. Meanwhile, she meets a newcomer named Hyun Jo, who she finds hard to understand. Yet, she starts to have second thoughts on the fearful mountain thanks to the kind and passionate ranger, Hyun Jo.


Ju Ji Hoon (Kang Hyun Jo)

iQiyi korean drama Jirisan
Credit: tvN

Kang Hyun Jo is a former captain in the army who now works as a rookie ranger in the national park. Ever since he lost his man in an accident during the Jirisan Mountain Park march, he started seeing things he couldn’t explain: he began seeing visions of people who faced death in the mountain that soon turned real. Thinking that it’s a gift from the mountain, he starts saving lives by becoming a ranger.

Hyun Jo always stays by Yi Kang’s side despite her endless nagging. However, one day, he discovers a terrifying truth lurking beneath the woods of Mt. Jirisan that someone is trying to hide their crimes, disguising them as accidents. Now, he’s got to track down the murderer and catch him before more people lose their lives.


iQiyi korean drama Jirisan
Credit: tvN

Sung Dong Il (Jo Dae Jin)

Jo Dae Jin is a veteran ranger in the Jirisan mountain who’s spent half his life in the national park. He’s a respected member of the ranger party for his dedication and outstanding commitment to public service. However, all his great help didn’t make him a good father. Eventually, his family has left him, and he is all by himself with Mt. Jirisan. Deep in his heart, he harbors guilty feelings about the decision he made in the tragic flood disaster that killed Yi Kang’s parents.

Oh Jung Se (Jung Goo Young)

Jung Goo Young is Seo Yi Kang’s colleague. He is a realist who struggles with promotion exams, his only ticket out of the Jirisan mountain.

Jo Han Cheol (Park Il Hae)

Park Il Hae is Yi Kang and Goo Young’s colleague. He is full of pride that he became the first team leader among his colleagues.


iQiyi korean drama Jirisan
Credit: tvN

Go Min Si (Lee Da Won)

Lee Da Won is a girl who cheers everyone on and sees good in all people and situations.

Kim Young Ok (Lee Moon Ok)

Lee Moon Ok is a longtime resident of the mountain who owns a restaurant near where she lives. She’s proud that her granddaughter Seo Yi Kang works as a ranger who protects the mountain.

Jeon Seok Ho (Kim Woong Soon)

Kim Woong Soon is a cop in Haedong Police Station. His pride in his hometown Jirisan is exceptional.


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