Shin Se Kyung to Show Her Real Self in the New Documentary Movie ‘Another Record’

Shin Se Kyung movie

Shin Se Kyung took a new challenge with the documentary movie ‘Another Record’.

Shin Se Kyung movie
Credit: Seezn

Another Record held its online press conference on the 22nd, and director Kim Jong Kwan and Shin Se Kyung attended the event.

Seezn’s new original movie Another Record is a cinematic documentary about the story of Shin Se Kyung that no one knows about. The documentary will follow Shin Se Kyung as she faces her “real self” while traveling Seoul, various spaces and people, and talking and sympathizing with them.

Shin Se Kyung movie
Credit: Seezn

Another Record is a new project by Josée and Persona director Kim Jong Kwan. “I filmed a documentary, but after finishing it, I feel like I’ve shot another movie,” Kim shared. “I can’t lie in a documentary, so I had to work with the charm and strength of an actress named Shin Se Kyung.”

He continued, “I have seen her as an actress, but she also does YouTube. Seeing various sides of her, I grew curious about her. I felt like not only does she work hard as an actress, but she also tries hard to know what she needs to do to be happy. I thought it would be fun to deal with it as a documentary, and I thought that many people would be able to see it with sympathy.”

Shin Se Kyung movie
Credit: Seezn

Shin Se Kyun shared the meaning that this documentary holds for her. “I’ve thought a new challenge was necessary for my life,” she commented. “I thought that Another Record would be new since it’s not about playing a character but about putting my real self out there.”

“Actually, I’m timid and not the type who enjoys new challenges. I tend to pursue safety, but this project taught me that it’s okay to try something new. I am afraid of something unfamiliar and don’t welcome it. But I got to look back on myself and realize that I am a person who can enjoy unfamiliar adventures.”

Meanwhile, Another Record will be released through Seezn on the 28th.

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