Minho Says Promoting as SHINee Is About Doing What He’s Best At While Acting Is About Going Beyond Himself

SHINee Minho
SHINee Minho
Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

SHINee’s Minho met with Harper’s Bazaar and showed off his dazzling looks.

From the drama Yumi’s Cells and varsity show Golf King 2 to NAVER’s live audio show BEST CHOICE, Minho is promoting as an actor and singer in earnest. And for this pictorial, he stood in front of the camera in a t-shirt and jeans, giving off a drowsy and comfortable vibe.

yumis cells_gifts

SHINee Minho
Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

During the interview, Minho shared, “When I see a good project, I think, ‘Oh, I can express that in such and such way. I want to try it.’ And at the same time, I think about how hard I should work. When I see an exhibition or watch an athletic event, I feel the energy and gain strength.”

He continued, “When I’m performing as SHINee, I mainly focus on showing my own color and doing what I do best. When I’m acting, I choose a role that I can do well and do my best, but I try to transcend myself to really disappear into the role.”

SHINee Minho
Credit: Harper’s Bazaar
SHINee Minho
Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

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