‘Lovers of the Red Sky’ Continues to Defend Its Position as The No. 1 Monday-Tuesday Drama

Lovers of the Red Sky
Lovers of the Red Sky
Credit: SBS

The 14th episode of SBS’ Lovers of the Red Sky garnered average nationwide viewership ratings of 9.3 percent, maintaining the top spot in ratings for seven weeks straight.

The fourteenth episode showed the terrible aftermath of the failed sealing ceremony. Prince Yangmyeong (played by Gong Myung) stopped the great devil from attacking the divine painting by stabbing Haram (Ahn Hyo Seop) using a ritual sword to reseal the evil being.

However, Prince Joo Hyang (Kwak Si Yang) became furious at the fact that he couldn’t capture the devil into his body and began to hunt down the astrologist. At the moment of crisis, Hong Chun Ki (Kim Yoo Jung) and Haram successfully escaped the scene on a horse named Soma.

Hong Chun Ki and Haram, who ran away together, found a safe place to hide. However, they soon faced their battle with the greedy prince. Meanwhile, Prince Juhyang attributed the failure of the sealing ceremony to Prince Yangmyeong and exiled him. He then used Hong Chun Ki’s father as bait to bring them back to the palace.yumis cells_gifts

Hong Chun Ki and Haram had to watch her father and friends die in front of their eyes. Amid the tragic series of events, Haram vows to himself, saying, “I’ll make them pay for what they did.”

At the end of this episode, a shocking individual appeared in front of the astrologer, raising expectations for future developments. It was King Seongjo who went into a coma with the secret behind the devil’s seal.

Lovers of the Red Sky is heading toward the end, and many are wondering what will come next.


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