Acappella Group Maytree Went Viral On YouTube With Their Amazing ‘Squid Game’ Video

Squid Game A Cappella
Squid Game A Cappella
Credit: The Segye Times

Squid Game has become an international hit on Netflix, and amid its huge popularity, a Korean Acappella team is getting great love and attention. Maytree, a South Korean five-member acapella group, found themselves at the center of the attention after uploading a video that mimics the original sound effects of Squid Game using human voice only. The ‘Squid Game’ video they uploaded on the 1st on YouTube has surpassed 50 million views in just a week.

Maytree is a 21-year veteran team consisting of five vocals, including Jang Sang In (vocal percussion), Kang Su Kyung (alto), Kim Won Jong (bass), Kwon Young Hoon (tenor), and Lim Su Yeon (soprano). Their ‘Window Sound Effects’ video went viral online earlier this year and quickly surpassed 10 million views on Youtube. Ever since their successful go at the fantastic harmony, many countries have worked hard to woo the group.

Maytree members shared their thoughts on their viral YouTube video through an interview with Segye Ilbo.


Q1. How long did you practice the ‘Squid Game’ sound effect?

We didn’t have much time to practice. Once we watched Squid Game, we thought it was a fascinating show that many people could relate to. We practiced for two days and uploaded it right away.

Q2. The ‘Squid Game’ video got the highest views ever.

When we uploaded the videos of Windows, iPhone and Galaxy sound effects, we thought to ourselves, “Is there anything else left for us to try?” But then we watched Squid Game �and changed our minds.

Squid Game A Cappella
Credit: The Segye Times

Q3. When did you start mimicking sound effects?

We started doing it at the beginning of this year. At first, we didn’t expect this much enthusiasm. We always liked to imitate human sounds and other sounds coming out from objects and musical instruments.

Q4. What was the most difficult sound effect to create with a human voice?

The sounds from Playstation consoles and games were the hardest. Five people took on one sound at a time, and there were times we wished we had more people in our group.

Q5. What song or sound effect would you like to try next time?

There are plenty. Many people from overseas ask for sounds that can only be heard in Korea, such as bus announcements or metro transfer ringtones.

Q6. Many people are commenting that they would like to see Maytree participate in ‘Squid Game 2’s soundtrack.

I think a human voice can create a more terrifying and dreamy sound than a musical instrument can. It is a familiar sound to many, but we can tweak it to make a variety of ambiances from dreadful sounds to joyful sounds. If we have the chance to take part in the soundtrack of the show’s second season, we would like to create unique tracks to reach out to the audience.

Q7. I heard that you’d been asked to join programs in various countries, including ‘America’s Got Talent.’

We will probably appear on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ The same show in France, Germany, and England also contacted us. We are planning to hold a concert at the biggest theater in Taiwan in April next year after the Asian tour.


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