Lee Se Young Says She Was Thrilled to Work with 2PM’s Junho in ‘The Red Sleeve’

Lee Se Young 2PM Junho
Lee Se Young 2PM Junho
Credit: MBC

Lee Se Young, the never-failing actress in the historical genre, is making her grand comeback.

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday series The Red Sleeve is a record of an affectionate love story of a royal concubine who wanted to protect the life she chose and a king who put his country first over his love. It’s based on the popular novel of the same name by Kang Mi Kang.

2PM’s Junho and Lee Se Young joined the project as Yi San/King Jeongjo and Seong Deok Im/Noble Consort Seong, who are considered lovers of the century from Joseon.

“More than anything else, the script was very interesting and touching. After I decided to appear, I read the original novel, and it too was impressive and touching,” Lee Se Young shared. “I’m not that pressured by the title of ‘never-failing actress in the historical genre.’ They (my previous historical dramas) didn’t become a hit because I starred in them. I luckily got to be a part of good projects.”

She then introduced Seong Deok Im as someone who can only think of surviving. “Though she unwillingly encounters big events, she does not harbor ambitions or greed. She just wants to protect the few things that are in her hands now.”

Lee Se Young 2PM Junho
Credit: MBC

Moreover, Lee Se Young showed deep affection for her co-stars. Especially about Junho, she commented, “I was thrilled when I found out that I was working with Lee Junho. I had trust in him, and I’m very grateful and happy now that we are working together. Please look forward to our chemistry.”

Meanwhile, The Red Sleeve will premiere on November 5th.


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