YG Entertainment Takes Legal Action for Malicious Rumors, Defamation and Slander about Artists

YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment announced that they would be taking legal actions for online slanders about their artists.

YG Entertainment started off their statement by saying, “As our label’s artists receive much love from the public, we considered that we must bear certain degrees of criticism, so we refrained from taking legal action thus far.” They continued, “However, there have been increasing amounts of malicious rumors, personal attacks, slanders, sexual harassment, and invasion of privacy. Therefore, we feel a great sense of responsibility since it is becoming increasingly impossible to ignore any further.”


YG entertainment then explained, “We reviewed a large volume of online posts that violate the rights of our artists based on the fans’ reports, and we thoroughly looked over some of the severe matters. As a result, we identified those who engaged in malicious and habitual acts of spreading false information and filed criminal complaints and reports for defamation, insult, and interference with business in violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.”

They closed their statement with a strong warning, saying, “Furthermore, YG Entertainment will continue to take strong legal action against any future online attacks that defame or damage our artists.”


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