HYBE Denies BTS’s V’s Dating Rumors Surfaced Online

BTS V Dating Rumor
BTS V Dating Rumor
Credit: Big Hit

BTS’s V got swept up in untimely dating rumors.

Recently, rumors have been raised that V is dating the daughter of Philip Jeon, Paradise Group Chairman. Some people claimed that V enjoyed the exhibition with Choi Yoon Jeong, Philip Jeon’s wife and that their daughter Jeon was also present at the scene. Moreover, the claims that the bracelet V likes to wear is from the brand launched by Jeon added strength to the rumors.

In this regard, HYBE responded, “Choi Yoon Jeong and her family are only acquaintances of V.”

BTS V Dating Rumor
Credit: online community, Sports Chosun

It is true that V attended the KIAF 2021 VVIP preview event on the 13th. Although he covered his face with a mask, many fans recognized him thanks to his eye-catching fashion. So while enjoying the exhibition, the idol freely talked with fans without hesitation.

It was not a private event, and it is impossible for V, whose face is already known, to go on a public date at an event with so many guests. In addition, the bracelet in question was a gift from Jin.

After all, V’s dating rumors turned out to be nothing more than just rumors. Still, fans are expressing concerns about the indiscriminate spreading of rumors. And even if the rumors are true, the only thing people could do is cheer for their love. But the fans claim that a strong response is necessary to such groundless rumors as it could cause damages to both V and the lady.


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