ENHYPEN Says They Wish to Be the Group that Gets Most Attention with Their First Full Album ‘DIMENSION: DILEMMA’

“We want to become the group that gets the most attention.”


ENHYPEN held the showcase for their first-ever full album DIMENSION: DILEMMA today.

First of all, the act shared, “For the ‘Border’ series, we talked frankly about the complex emotions we felt before our debut and the different emotions we faced after our debut. But in the ‘Dimension’ series, we tried to capture how the world we have newly entered is actually a more complex and contradictory dimension than expected.”

They added, “We want to develop our skills as members of ENHYPEN, but sometimes, we need personal time. We also want to be loved by many fans, but sometimes, we want to be freed from such gazes. This new album contains that complex story.”


The title track “Tamed-Dashed” is a song of a new wave genre with the 80s vibe. The song asks the question, “Will you be ‘tamed’ by the desires? Or will you be ‘dashed’ by the desires?” The members sing the story of boys who feel embarrassed and confused as they experience the dilemma, contradiction, and conflict between desires.

With this new track, ENHYPEN will challenge the “brighter” concept for the first time. The members commented, “We were surprised when we first heard it because it felt brighter than our previous songs. The atmosphere and lyrics of the song seem to give off a refreshing vibe.”

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