Song Joong Ki Says He’s Delighted to Meet the Audience at the BIFF

Song Joong Ki movie
Song Joong Ki movie
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Song Joong Ki, who attended the 2012 BIFF with A Werewolf Boy, visited Busan once again after 10 years with Space Sweepers. Alongside Park So Dam, the actor hosted the opening ceremony, announcing the start of the festival. He promised to host last year’s event, but the opening ceremony was canceled due to the pandemic. And this year, Song kept the promise with the festival and returned with a new movie. Starnews met with the actor to talk about how he feels about coming back to Busan after a long time.

Q1. You were with director Jo Sung Hee 10 years ago, and you’re with him once again.

When I was here with A Werewolf Boy ten years ago, I sat in the back with director Jo Sung Hee and Park Bo Young. And this time, I’m excited to be with director Jo Sung Hee and my beloved friend Seon Kyu.

Q2. It’s been a while since you met with the audience.

From an actor’s point of view, I personally enjoy the fun of going on stage greetings very much. I agreed to host the opening ceremony because I wanted to enjoy that atmosphere. I’m delighted to meet audiences like this.

Q3. Ten years ago, you were still a young actor. And now, you’re an actor in your 30s.

Well, I just think I’ve gotten old (laughs). Still, I think I’ve lived my life to the full, and I’m ready to work even more diligently. There is definitely a charm in this vibe that film festivals give off. Once I visit the festival, it makes me think, “Oh, I really am an actor,” and really makes me want to work harder.

Song Joong Ki movie
Credit: ZAPZEE

Q4. Meeting in person, you seem like an easygoing and calming person. I can see Tae Ho from ‘Space Sweepers’ in you.

I love the word “natural.” I met director Ho Sung Hee for a business without knowing each other so well for A Werewolf Boy. After the work was finished, I met with him often. I’m sure he had this idea and thoughts about me. And I think that’s why he gave me the role of Tae Ho. I once thought to myself that he gave me the role because he and I have a similar vibe.

Q5. The moment when you looked at Jeon Yeo Bin, who was called on the red carpet, became a hot topic.

I haven’t seen her for months since Vincenzo. I walked first, and I heard Jeon Yeo Bin’s name, so I looked. And fans loved it, saying that Vincenzo is looking at Cha Young.

Q6. How do you feel about the screening of ‘Space Sweepers’?

It’s the first time I saw Space Sweepers on the big screen with a loud sound, and I was very satisfied. After the screening, Jin Seon Kyu and I went up to the stage. We answered the audience’s questions, and I heard someone saying he’d watch the movie again. There was also someone who said that he cried after watching the movie. Hearing such wonderful feedback, being at the GV came alive, and it felt great. It was nice to finish the Space Sweepers schedule with a GV.


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