Im Soo Hyang, Sung Hoon, Shin Dong Wook and Hong Ji Yoon Have Confirmed Their Casting in ‘Jane the Virgin’

Jane the Virgin Remake
Jane the Virgin Remake
Credit: FN Entertainment, Stallion Entertainment, Snowball Entertainment, KeyEast

Im Soo Hyang, Sung Hoon, Shin Dong Wook and Hong Ji Yoon have confirmed their casting in the upcoming drama, Jane the Virgin.

Jane the Virgin is a Korean remake of the American CWTV’s show of the same name. The upcoming remake series will revolve around a woman who wishes to keep her virginity before her wedding. However, the story gets interesting when she gets accidentally and artificially inseminated.

Im Soo Hyang will play a woman named Oh Woo Ri. She is an assistant writer of popular drama series. After learning about her unexpected pregnancy, she plans to live her life to the fullest with her own choices.

Sung Hoon will take on the role of Rafael, the CEO of a cosmetic company who turns out to be the biological father of Woo Ri’s child. Although he looks icy on the outside, he is a soft man who surely can be romantic to the woman he is in love with.

Shin Dong Wook will transform into Woo Ri’s boyfriend Lee Kang Jae. Lee is a homicide detective who always goes by the rules. Hong Ji Yun will play a woman named Lee Mi Ri who intentionally �approaches Rafael to marry him.

The cast members already gathered for a table read and they will soon begin filming.


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