What to Look for in the Remaining Episodes of ‘Lovers of the Red Sky’

Lovers of the Red Sky

Lovers of the Red Sky, which had reached a turning point, heralded an exciting second act. Unfolding a passionate romance between Hong Chun Gi (Kim Yoo Jung) and Ha Ram (Ahn Hyo Seop), whose fates are related to the demon king, Lovers of the Red Sky continues to rank 1st among all Monday-Tuesday dramas. Let’s dive into what we need to look for in the remaining episodes of Lovers of the Red Sky, which raises a curtain for the second act starting with episode 9.

When and How Will Ha Ram Figure Out that Demon King Resides in His Body?

At the end of episode 8, Hong Chun Gi and Prince Yang Myung (Gong Myung) witnessed the demon king residing in Ha Ram’s body trying to wake up again. As a result, attention focuses on when he will find out that there’s a demon king inside his body. Moreover, Ha Ram is plotting revenge against the royal family. If he finds out the truth, how shocked will he be? And what kind of repercussions will follow once it’s revealed to the public?

When Will Hong Chun Gi Find the Truth about the Portrait Restoration Project?

The only way to seal the demon king is to lock it inside the king’s portrait drawn by an artist with a special power. Order by the king, Prince Yang Myung started the restoration project of Yangjong’s portrait with Hong Chun Gi. In the past, Hong Chun Gi’s father went mad while drawing the portrait, but she doesn’t know that. When will Hong Chun Gi realize that there are secrets hidden within the portrait she has to draw? Hong Chun Gi, who now faces her own destiny, will enliven the story even more.

Love Triangle between Ha Ram, Hong Chun Gi, and Prince Yang Myung

Hong Chun Gi, who was blind 19 years ago, opened her eyes. On the other hand, Ha Ram lost his sight and was only left with red eyes. And that’s because Samshin (Goddess of life) sealed the demon king within Ha Ram and gave Hong Chun Gi the eyes, the source of the demon king’s power. As a result, Ha Ram felt great pain whenever he touched Hong Chun Gi, while the demon king reacted to Hong Chun Gi, who now has his eyes. Currently, the two admitted to the longing they have for each other. However, due to the demon king, their romance is getting deeper and more dangerous at the same time. Plus, even Prince Yang Myung grew his feelings for Hong Chun Gi, unfolding a tangled love triangle.

Prince Joo Hyang Set Out to Get His Hands on the Demon King

Prince Joo Hyang (Kwak Si Yang), who refused the fate of a prince, displayed his ambition to become the king by using the demon king. He then showed his aversion towards Prince Yang Myung while plotting a rebellion. And to complete his plot, he’s keeping his eyes on Hong Chun Gi, waiting for the perfect timing. Moreover, in episode 8, Prince Joo Hyang was seen as the first person to learn about the demon king within Ha Ram’s body. Determined to ascend to the throne, he will confront Ha Ram, Hong Chun Gi, and Prince Yang Myung, shaking up the play.


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