[Weekly TV Top 10] ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ Takes the Crown for the First Time

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
credit: tvN

Drama Ranking for the 4th Week of September

tvN’s Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha took the crown for the first time. Kim Sun Ho and Shin Min Ah’s kiss scene aired at the end of episode 10, making headlines. Soon after the broadcast, viewers commented about how heart-fluttering it was. SBS’s One the Woman rose to second place. The cheerful storytelling and Lee Ha Nee’s comic acting received a lot of praise. MBC’s The Veil came in third. The action scenes in episode 3 and how the scene was filmed got glowing reviews. Of course, Namgoong Min’s passionate performance was also highly praised. tvN’s Yumi’s Cells ranked at No. 4 for the second week. Many praised how cute and refreshing it was to see the cells in animation. Fifth place went to JTBC’s Lost, although disappointment over the cast continued. KBS’s new dramas Young Lady and Gentleman and Dali and the Cocky Prince and tvN’s Hometown debuted side by side at No. 8, No. 9, and No. 10.


TOP 10 Popular TV Drama Series �

  1. tvN Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha �(Share of Audience 30.30) (▲1)
  2. SBS One the Woman (Share of Audience 13.01) (▲4)
  3. MBC The Veil (Share of Audience 12.86) (▲2)
  4. tvN Yumi’s Cells (Share of Audience 11.41) ( �” �)
  5. JTBC Lost �(Share of Audience 5.49) (▲2)
  6. SBS Lovers of the Red Sky (Share of Audience 4.86) (▽3)
  7. tvN High Class (Share of Audience 4.40) (▲2)
  8. KBSYoung Lady and Gentleman �(Share of Audience 4.14) NEW
  9. KBS Dali and the Cocky Prince (Share of Audience 3.46) NEW
  10. tvN Hometown (Share of Audience 3.45) NEW

TOP 10 Popular Casts in TV Drama Series �

  1. Kim Seon Ho, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha �( �” )
  2. Shin Min Ah, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha �( �” )
  3. Lee Ha Nee, One the Woman (▲2)
  4. Namgoong Min, The Veil (▲2)
  5. Kim Go Eun, Yumi’s Cells (▲3)
  6. Ahn Bo Hyun, Yumi’s Cells (▲12)
  7. Cho Yeo Jeong, High Class (▲7)
  8. Lee Sang Yi, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha �(▲2)
  9. Ryu Jun Yeol, Lost (▲2)
  10. Lee Sang Yoon, One the Woman (▲12)

Non-Drama Ranking for the 3rd Week of September

Mnet’s Street Woman Fight took the top spot for five weeks in a row. Though there was a slight drop in popularity due to the cancelation of an episode during the Chuseok season, the show managed to rank first once again. Mnet’s Girls Planet 999 fell down a notch to third place. In the latest episode, the teams for the third mission, “Creation Mission,” were formed, and the announcement for the survivors was made.


TOP 10 Popular TV Non-Drama Series

  1. tvN Street Woman Fighter �(Share of Audience 14.43) ( �” )
  2. SBS Master in the House (Share of Audience 5.17) (▲3)
  3. Mnet Girls Planet 999 �(Share of Audience 5.05) (▽1)
  4. SBS Running Man (Share of Audience 3.71) (▲2)
  5. MBC Radio Star (Share of Audience 3.23) (▲14)
  6. MBC I Live Alone �(Share of Audience 2.77) (▽3)
  7. tvN The Great Escape Season 4 (Share of Audience 2.74) (▲6)
  8. tvN DoReMi Market (Share of Audience 2.66) (▲1)
  9. SBS Kick a Goal (Share of Audience 2.53) (▲7)
  10. JTBC Knowing Bros (Share of Audience 2.04) ( �” )

TOP 10 Popular Casts in TV Non-Drama Series

  1. Lee Jae Myung, Master in the House �NEW
  2. Yoon Seok Youl, Master in the House ( �” )
  3. Kim Yeon Koung, Radio Star NEW
  4. NOZE, Street Woman Fighter �(▽3)
  5. Monika, Street Woman Fighter �(▲4)
  6. YoonA, Knowing Bros NEW
  7. Park Jung Min, Knowing Bros NEW
  8. Kim Yeon Koung, Running Man NEW
  9. On Joo Wan, I Live Alone NEW
  10. Lee Soo Kyung, Omniscient Interfering View NEW


This survey was released on September 27th by the TV popularity analyst Good Data Corporation after analyzing the internet’s responses generated from news articles, blogs/communities, videos, and SNS. It is in regards to 19 drama series and 195 non-drama series that are either on-air or scheduled to be aired from September 20th through to September 26th of 2021.


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