Jung Ho Yeon Says Her Friend Jennie Was So Excited When She Was Cast in ‘Squid Game’

Jung Ho Yeon The Governesses
Credit: Netflix
Jung Ho Yeon
Credit: Netflix

Interest in Squid Game actress Jung Ho Yeon is still through the roof. In just ten days since the show was released, the number of her Instagram followers soared more than ten times. Now, the number stands at 9.6 million followers.

In a video interview about Squid Game, Jung Ho Yeon shared that she feels the popularity only now. “Even when I was conducting overseas interviews until yesterday, I wasn’t physically receiving feedback from fans. So I was all over the place and didn’t really know what was happening. Now that I am doing the interview, I feel like something good has happened.”

When asked about what made her so popular, Jung responded, “I cried a lot while reading about Sae Byeok in the script. I think Sae Byeok is attractive in that she’s someone who lives for other people rather than for herself.”

Jung Ho Yeon
Credit: Netflix

Model Jung made her acting debut through Squid Game. “I couldn’t shake off my fear at the beginning of filming. I couldn’t understand myself. During the first table read, my eyes were blurry, and my voice was shaking,” she said. “One day, I met with the director one on one. I don’t even know what I wanted to say then. I asked him why he cast me. In all, I think I just wanted to reassure myself. At the time, the director said, ‘You are already Sae Byeok. And I cast you because you’re already enough.’ The moment I heard that I was able to let go of my tension.”

Regarding why she became an actress, she commented, “What are you going to do after modeling? I was asked this so many times. Living abroad, I spent a lot of time alone, and what I did the most during that time was watching movies and reading books. So I attended an acting class once. I thought I couldn’t do it at the time. Also, if I was to learn acting, I wanted to do it in Korea.”

Jung talked about how her boyfriend Lee Dong Hwi was so proud of the global popularity of Squid Game. “We’re in the same business, so he’s such an amazing senior and a friend. He’s giving me lots of encouragement and concern. He is like a father.”

The actress also brought up her friend Blackpink’s Jennie, who visited the set to congratulate her. “When I was cast in Squid Game, Jennie was so happy for me. She posted the coffee truck she sent me on her (Instagram) Story and actively showed her support. Jennie is definitely on the list of people that I’m grateful for while filming Squid Game. She was so thrilled for me. She’s such an angel.”

Meanwhile, Jung will meet the viewers through tvN’s You Quiz on the Block.


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