‘Blanc & Eclare’ Founded by SNSD’s Jessica Jung Is Facing a Multi-million Dollar Lawsuit

Jessica Blanc & Eclare
Credit: Coridel Entertainment

‘Blanc & Eclare,’ the fashion label that branched into the business world by the formal member of Girls’ Generation, Jessica Jung, is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit in Hong Kong.

According to a Hong Kong news outlet, The Standard, the fashion brand founded by Kpop star Jessica Jung is embroiled in a lawsuit over a loan made by its investors.

The report says the international fashion brand Blanc & Eclare first borrowed $3 million from Spectra SPC in October 2016 and asked for another $1 million from the same company in May 2017. Joy King Enterprises then entered into the debt transfer agreement with Spectra SPC in August 2021 and has subsequently become Blanc & Eclare’s lender.

Since Blanc & Eclare borrowed $4 million and failed to repay it on time, Joy King Enterprises filed a High Court lawsuit to recover $6.8 million in principal and interest.

Previously, Jessica launched her fashion brand ‘Blanc and Eclare’ in August of 2014 after leaving Girl’s Generation. The brand is currently run by a Korean-American entrepreneur, Tyler Kwon, who is also known as Jessica’s boyfriend.


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