Kim Soo Hyun’s ‘One Ordinary Day’ and Lee Young Ae’s ‘Inspector Koo’ Drop Two Exciting Teaser Trailers

Kim Soo Hyun One Ordinary Day
Kim Soo Hyun One Ordinary Day
Credit: Coupang Play

The two most anticipated drama series coming out in the second half of the year have released their teaser trailers: Kim Soo Hyun‘s One Ordinary Day and Lee Young Ae’s Inspector Koo.

One Ordinary Day is an eight-part criminal series that revolves around a college student who became a murder suspect overnight and a third-class lawyer living his low life. The released teaser heralded the fierce battle of the two men against the absurdity of their lives.

In the clip, Kim Soo Hyun goes, “Now that I think about it, I think my fingers have moved,” and Cha Seung Won is surrounded by press and cameras with a somewhat resolute expression.

Following Ben Whishaw from the original drama and Riz Ahmed from the U.S. remake, all eyes are on Kim Soo Hyun and how he will pull off the complex psychological warfare of his well-known character in the upcoming series.

Inspector Koo is a comedy detective series about a rogue insurance investigator whose world is all about games and alcohol.

The first teaser gives a glimpse at Lee Young Ae‘s complete transformation. In the trailer, Lee Young Ae gets crazy into games in a dark and untidy room, pops her head out of a pile of trash, and strolls around the streets with a suspicious blanket over her head.

Since it will be her long-awaited drama series return in four years, the expectations for Lee Young Ae’s transformation into Koo Kyung Yi are already high.


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