‘Miracle: Letters to the President’ Shares a Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse of Heartfelt Moments on Set

korean movie Miracle
korean movie Miracle
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Miracle: Letters to the President has released a fun behind-the-scenes video that will make you feel more pumped about the upcoming movie.

The released video first shared a glimpse of the scene passionately completed by Park Jung Min and Lee Sung Min. In the scene, the stiff and quiet father and son opened up to each other and left a lasting impression on viewers.

Park Jung Min said, “I couldn’t hold back my tears when Lee Sung Min was doing his scene. The entire staff on the scene was sniffing with tears.” He added, “We all went through the same thing for a few months, and that’s why I think everyone felt the same,” explaining why he burst into tears even when the camera was not rolling.

korean movie Miracle
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Secondly, the clip showed an interview with Lee Sung Min, who achieved his childhood dream of becoming a train driver by starring Miracle: Letters to the President.

Lee Seong Min revealed that he was born in Bonghwa-gun, where the film took place, saying, “I spent much time on a railroad as a child. There were many train drivers in the town, and I dreamt of becoming one someday, especially because they could travel far and wide. I think my dream came true in this film.”

Miracle: Letters to the President is a movie about a boy and his lifelong dream is to have a railway stop at his small village that has a railroad that passes through the village but doesn’t have a train station. The movie is coming to CGV Theatres in Los Angeles and Buena Park on September 17th.

Source: Lotte Entertainment

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